Our Salami Crudi

Our “Salami Crudi” have a long tradition, honouring original recipes which have been refined and improved for years, ensuring that we always optimise the salami’s quality and potential. This has led to recognition and awards.
One of these was 1st prize as “Best Salame Crudo” in the important regional Monferrato competition.
There are different kinds of “Salame Crudo”: La Rosa di Nonno Peo, Il Salame Crudo Arneis and Il Salame Crudo Barolo are the most famous of these and are produced with the best quality cuts of Italian pork.

La Rosa di Nonno Peo
Il Salame Crudo Arneis
Il Salame Crudo Barolo
  • Il Salame Crudo da Taglio Astigiano
  • Il Bocconcino Quadro
  • I Brichet di Nonno Peo
  • Le Coppe stagionate Quadro
  • Il Lonzino stagionato Quadro
  • I Filetti stagionati Quadro
  • Le Salsicce al peperoncino, aglio e finocchietto
  • Il Lardo stagionato Quadro
  • Pancetta stagionata Quadro
  • Bacon Quadro
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