The Quadro Farm came into being in the 19th century and has always been staffed with a talented team of hard-working artisans, producing high qualitymeat and cold cuts. Since then it guarantees the best meat and the best cold cuts because of the meat’s great quality and the big competence of its craftsmen.
Four generations and more than a century later, the Quadro Farm remains ever present in the pork meat industry, carefully balancing tradition with innovation, true to tradition and original recipes, and continues to evolve, modernising and adapting product in order to win the hard-earned CE stamp of approval.
State of the art refrigeration combined with best practices in meat processing and storage technology ensure that the ‘cold chain’ is never broken and that our clients and their customers always receive Quadro products that meet the highest hygiene and quality standards.
Our cold cuts and sausages are also glutamate, gluten and allergen-free.
Salame Quadro is an “Eccellenza Enogastronomica del Territorio Astigiano”, we achieved the “Miglior Salame Crudo del Monferrato” and “Miglior Salame Cotto” prizes, reaching also semi-finals in “Campionato Italiano Miglior Salame Crudo”.