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Salami Berruto

In 2009 the Quadro Farm acquired the “Salumificio Giovanni Berruto“, a well known and prestigious brand, which had existed for more than fifty years. Quadro started to produce their famous sausages, “Berruto Salami Crudi,” “Salami Cotti “and “Cotechini” utilising the same original recipes and production techniques that Berruto had perfected for many years.

  • Il Salame Crudo Berruto
  • L’Alpino di Berruto
  • Il Cacciachierese di Berruto
  • Salame Cotto Berruto
  • Zampino Berruto
  • Cotechino Berruto
  • Prosciutto cotto fette di bontà

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